The newly designed remote grip

After a short glance you will see many new changes on the new Remote grip. One of the first things that you will see is that we have centered the music volume wheel so that the same grip can be used with the right as well as the left hand. The wheel also has a bearing for longer life and for needing to use less pressure on the wheel. The pots have also been replaced with a very high Performance Digital pot, which means a lot longer life. Our pots have a life Expectancy of ca. 3 million turns instead of the normal ca. 3 to 5 thousand for normal analog pots. You will also notice that we have used a soft rubber coating on the grip and we have rounded all the edges for a better feel in the hand.

At a second glance you will see that we have put a plug at the bottom of the handle so that you can choose between two different lengths of cables. A shorter one for working alone on your club nights and a longer one for working together with other instructors at a big event. There is also a small whip switch for turning the microphone on and off and a larger switch for controlling your own computer from the remote grip. 

All in all you will see that the remote has gone through many changes, We are now offering the Stinger Remote unit “Cable Free”. Use the new cable free Remote as a strap on for your favorite cable free microphone or as a hand unit for your favorite cable free head set. This unit works with a full charge for about 19 hours and can be charged through any 5 volt mini USB cable.

This means full control and freedom of movement at the same time.

You can now work with other instructors on different parts of the hall at the same time. You can also go out on the floor to show the dancers what you mean or even dance with them at the same time and still have full control of what is happening on stage. Or go out on stage at a demo and leave your amp and Computer behind the stage where it belongs.