If you are looking for a more deeper Sound. We have the right speaker for you, introducing the Stinger “B” .This is a perfect add on for everyone that wants' a deep full sound. Working From 35 Hz up to 8000 Hz. This is a compact BASS with a lot of Power. 200 watt rms on 8 Ohm (300 watt peak). An adjustable Distance poll with a M20 screw hold's the Stinger T perfectly in Place (option). The bass is rolled on its side Where there is a built in grip for ease of transportation.


Technical information


* Stinger Bass

* 220 watt rms

* 380 watt Peak On 8 Ohm

* 400 watt sinus

* 600 watt Peak on 4 Ohm

* Tall 26 cm

* Wide 34,5 cm

* Deep 42 cm