The Stinger T

The Stinger T fits on a table top stand (optional), or on a normal sized stand. This is a light weight, Compact Line Array Speaker that can be folded to a small carrying case for easy transport and quick setup.This system uses a high grade Membrane made out of titanium. Titanium is very good for its clean and precise sound and ist LONG THROUGH capabilities. The combination of a Line Array system (Each Speaker Tilted) and a speaker using titanium means a perfect performing speaker for all kinds of Halls. From small to large wide to deep! This speaker has a range from 70 Hz to 22000 Hz and its 200 watt rms on 4 Ohm (300 peak). All this makes the Stinger T a very good speaker for working with vocals or acoustic instruments of all kinds.


Technical information

Stinger T

Full Speaker with Y cable

*100 watt rms

* 150 watt Peak on 8 Ohm


Opened Speaker :

* Tall 60,5 cm


Folded Speaker:

* Tall 30,5 cm

* Wide 32 cm

* Deep 16 cm


½ Speaker: 

* 100 watt rms

* 150 watt Peak on 4 Ohm

* Tall 29 cm

* Wide 16 cm

* Deep 16,1 cm